Blog Bloggin’ (An Introduction)

Hey there! My name is Trystin and this is my blog, a place where every once and a while I’ll have a thought and write it down, thus giving you a glimpse of my funky little world that you all can hopefully gain something from reading, whether that something be “Ah, I never thought of life that way” or “You did WHAT?!” or “Man, that recipe for quiche was spot on!” (that last one will never happen)

For now, I’m just going to launch my first blog by writing a blog post…about blogs:

When I used to think about blogs, the first thing that would come to mind is the old Xanga age. You know, droves of teenagers lamenting over broken hearts and tomorrow’s big test. And then I started to dig a little deeper, seeing them less as these impulsive expulsions of feeling and more as one of our primary defenses in the war for individuality…

So often is there this mentality that we are simply numbers, cogs in the machine, slaves of the system. Well, that’s not so much the case in the blog world, is it? While all over the TV, the radio and the ‘Net we are pelted with the voices of those far more powerful than ourselves…the politicians, celebrities, McDonalds…the blog gives a voice to the individual…to the housewife, the guy in accounting, the deviant, the teenager…that can reach the far corners of the tech-savvy world. It’s empowering, a great equalizer and just plain fun. So many voices from so many corners of the world means that there is something for just about everyone, which creates a greater sense of belonging and community that in turn creates a more fulfilled populous. Blogs.

There you have it, folks.

You can always feel free to take a look at the About/Bio sections to learn more about myself and my various missions and philosophies to better shape what happens here. Also, I invite you to comment away (my posts are just the beginning of the conversation) and suggest topics to your heart’s content!

Thanks for dropping by and stay tuned!



  1. Well, “there you have it folks.” Ha, very nice intro.

    Trystin, I’m happy to see you taking a place on the world wide web of blogs. I’m looking forward to your future posts.

    Adios Amigo.


    • admin

      July 27, 2012 at 1:12 pm

      Thanks, sobro-machine!

      (Like how I’m responding to this 4 months later? I’m gonna be the best blogger EVER! haha)

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