My Mission

Hey there! I’m Trystin and I use my words…aaand the occasional picture.

To me, truth is everything and I’d like to think that I spend each day engaged in a quiet debate on its behalf. I also completely understand the irony of a guy who spends a decent amount of time writing plays, novels, making board games and illustrating things that are quite fictional; fantastic even. To me, these artistic forms are simply tools to wrap big real ideas in (hopefully) entertaining packages accessible by the masses; a thought-provoking burst of creativity driven by ultra-truthful themes and existing alongside my far more personal non-fiction essays, offering a full bite of the taste of knowledge my fiction ha given.

My goal is pretty huge and, albeit, a bit cliche: to change the world for the better. In both my art and personal life I stress greatly the ideas of equality and tolerance of gender, race, sexuality etc, the existential and humanist credos of the  beauty of the individual and their growth to something more and, lastly, the importance of seeing not only the good, but also the fun in every day life and loving every moment. With my pen, my passion, my laptop, and my words I intend to turn my quiet debate into a widespread revolution.

If you laugh or learn I’ve done my job.

Thanks for visiting!