VS Avo

I despise avocados. I hate the taste and whenever my mouth comes in contact with that weird texture, my gag reflex is immediately triggered and I have to keep myself from throwing up for the next ten to fifteen minutes. True story.

You may ask yourself what’s so important about my beef with avocados to merit a post? Nothing, really, as from the segue I’m about to make: I feel there is something to be said about some of the reactions I get to revealing this little taste of Trystin Trivia. People’s eyes bulge and their mouths hang open and things like “No way!” or “What is wrong with you?!” or “How could anyone not like avocado!” are shouted into my face, which brings me to my point: People need to get a life.

How many times have you witnessed a reaction to something that was so unnecessarily over the top that you could have sworn you missed something? Something that leaves you saying, “Um, you do realize I said that I enjoyed LOST more than Battlestar Galactica and not that I just stabbed you mom to death and fed her corpse to sewer rats, right?” Seriously. We live in this ultra-connected world where we are constantly being pelted with other people’s exaggerated lives (via social media) or things that have been made to look really interesting by the media. This has lead to over-the-top being the norm. Most of we mere mortals don’t spend our days surviving hurricanes or with PR teams or paparazzi blowing up our every move to God-like proportions so we’ll take some menial little piece of our world and grow it our minds, obsessing over it until, to us, this comic book I started reading is on par with the discovery of life on Mars or a terrorist attack. And so, if someone speaks for or against it in any way, our reaction becomes crazily overblown.

The avocado reaction becomes a problem in that human beings are only capable of a certain spectrum of emotion. If we consistently tap into our high passion when it comes to things like kale preparation and Miley Cyrus’ new single, it not only lessens the largeness of truly earth-shattering events but it also holds us back from recognizing those events for the impactful things that they are. This is especially true when dealing with our own sense of self-worth and -expression. Investing too much of yourself in the menial and material can purposefully or inadvertently create a barrier that causes you to define yourself by your interests instead of who you are, effectively slamming on the emergency brakes of your growth as a person (though your encyclopedic knowledge of history of the New York Giants may be beyond compare).

I’m not trying to seem like some emotionless automaton or someone who is against enjoying the little things. Be excited as much as possible. Be happy as much as possible. Embrace the material aspects of life you love…even if it is an avocado. Please. Just don’t use that as an excuse to not be constantly seeking out new things and bigger things, tangible or otherwise, in the external world and within yourself.

And for everyone who thought this would post actually be about avocados, here are some fun facts!

  • They’re climacteric, which means they mature on a tree, but ripen only when plucked off
  • People call them “alligator pears” because why not
  • They’re fruits, not vegetables (Don’t believe everything you read in children’s books. Just ask eggplants, tomatoes, and peppers).
  • The term “avocado” comes from the original Aztec term “āhuactal,” which means “testicle”
  • Just so you know, I LOVE guacamole (I’m not a monster)


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