Oh, hello.

Welcome to the ultimate informational hub for all things Madoc & Trystin’s wedding. We are BEYOND excited to have you there for our big day. If you’ve come to this page for anything other than our wedding this experience will be a grave disappointment. Otherwise, enjoy!


Click here to RSVP (or make an update to your existing RSVP) ASAP …but by March 23rd at the very latest.

Invited guests are those names written on the envelope of your invite. No children except the niece & nephews of the grooms will be at the event.

Where & when?

Saturday April 23rd, 2022 at the State Museum of Pennsylvania: 300 North St, Harrisburg, PA 17120

Please arrive at 5:15 and our short service will commence at 5:30 sharp.

A cocktail hour (6-7pm) and dinner reception (7-10pm) will follow.

Dress code.

Look good. Be yourself.

Where do I stay?

If you live in the area, in your own dang beds!
If not, you can try out:
Hilton Harrisburg (use this link or code BTW22 for discounted rates)
City Bed & Breakfast
or some other place in the Midtown or Downtown neighborhoods!

What is a Harrisburg?

Why it’s the capital of the great state of Pennsylvania, of course; an extremely important loading site during the Civil War that has only decreased in value ever since, but more than makes up for it in charm.

Gift registry.

Yep, here it is!

After party?

Duh. We’ll probably storm one of the gay bars across the street afterwards to partake in some local liquids with a side of people-watching.

And then what?!

You guys, we don’t know! Nothing’s even happened yet and we’re already exhausted. How about we all just gaze upon these adorable pics below?

Any more questions?

Reach out to Madoc or Trystin directly: ideally whichever one makes you least comfortable. 🙂