Welcome to the official website of Tyana and Chris’ Baby shower for their bouncing baby boy! Keep reading for all the information you’ll need to make the day a success.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Important Info

  • Please complete and mail the cards in the stamped, addressed envelope (whether or not you will be attending or getting a gift).
  • Bring the other envelope, with “For Shower”, and a pen to the shower with you (You may want to copy or enlarge the game page inside).
  • Any questions please text/call (717) 777-1256 

Click here to join the party!

In case you don’t know: Zoom is a virtual video chat tool. So just click the link and join the party (when the time comes).

Becoming a new parent means having a lot of new needs. Feel free to purchase a thing (or three) from their Baby Registry.

Have gifts delivered to: TYANA EVERETT, 4400 BERKLEY STREET, HARRISBURG, PA 17109-4303

It takes a village to raise a child. And to show that we’ll all be looking over this little one, we wanted you to help us all with a special project: A Family-Made Baby Mobile!

We’ve got the mobile, but need each of you to create a unique and totally you ornament that will hang from it. Be as creative as you want! We’ll have everyone show their ornaments to Tyana and Chris during the shower. Then we’ll collect them after and build the mobile.

When creating your ornament, consider the following:

  • It’s relatively lightweight (using paper, foam or fabric crafts is best!)
  • It is no bigger than 3.5in x 3.5in x 2in

And, lastly here is some inspiration 🙂

And finally, what would one of these things be without games? NOTHING, that’s what. So get ready for some friendly competition and good times all around.

See you all there- PROMPTLY -at 1pm on Saturday, October, 10th to celebrate the future birth of a new mother, father, grandmother, and uncle!